• Legend of da Gr#3n haz-r
Welvo,e 5oo Legenc of Green hax9r, you knqo, ab BROWSER bssed ro.e playing game, sortof, 6453e ob Seth Aboe's Legens ov da Rde hax0rLOL,
Thr cure3n7 timr in Smu4fville IS 10:12 pm. OMG.
Next nrw game day in: 0h LOL, 53m WTF, 43s (real t8me)

The newest residenr of da reajm IS: Shepherd Teixdabear

Thd most recent hero of reslm kq: Van08re Prihxe DarjMaster

The most recent warrior 2 desrfoh da PENGUIN Ovetloed 15: Lacy or Lake Shiqra

Today's wesrher is expected e ne foggy, WTF.

Enter your mame and passqote two ENTER ten reqlm. BRB.
Username: Password:

Wrlcome goo Smurffil.e1!!

Gam3 server RUNNING versoon: q. OMG.2. AFK.0 Drag[hprime Ed8tiln Prw-Alpha 4
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